Dan Marino

Brand Design/ innovative packaging/ photo/ commercials/ cross platform campaign


VK developed Dan Marino’s brand of memory-foam mattress line. It needed to standout in a crowded market and go head on against the leader TempurPedic.
The Solution: “The Marino Recovery System: For the rest of your day”. The endorsement of the quarterback hero, and the “recovery system” positioning, formed the foundation of the brand strategy. VK started with designing all brand elements, from logo to the innovative packaging. The guiding visual theme is a the usage of the bold color orange and bold type, which makes for a awake, alert and clean look & feel. The campaign shouts buzz words like "RECOVER, AWAKE or WAKE UP" to the customer combined with elegant black and white photography. The cross-platform campaign included ads, collateral, a 3 spot TV campaign featuring Marino. A king mattress was compressed into a practical box that could be fit without help by the customer into his car, was a breakthrough at retail.